Office Aquarium – First setup and DIY Cylinder Filter

I’ll admit it, half of the reason why I wanted an aquarium was to study water filtration systems and hydraulic flow.  The other half is of course to unwind and look at the cute fishies.  This will explain why my posts with ‘aquariums’ in the title will be mostly about changes to the filtration system.  It should not be a surprise as this website is about DIY (or should I say DEEL-I-Y).

For my first tank setup, I used an air driven filter that has both mechanical and bilogical filtration.  It’s on the right in the image below.

After which, I added my deel-i-y filter.  I placed a pump in between sponges and tossed in some ceramic rings for some biofiltration.

It was too tall for my tank to be placed vertically, thus I layed it down.

Of course, it turned out to be a hassle to clean as it was difficult to remove the whole setup and the sponges that were wrapped around the tubes, but it was just a proof of concept.


I’ll update the next type of filter I made in the next post I update.

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