Logitech G710+ keyboard mod – Detachable cables

Do you have a Logitech G710+ keyboard and hate the cables that come with them?  Well me too.  So i searched online for mods and found this website Roman’s Projects.

(I did a few things differently, like connecting the wires between the two connectors via twisting them and covering them in heat shrink instead of soldering to the board like he did.  Read more below)


After completing my PC build in the Lian Li Desk Case DK-01, there was a lack of space for the G710+ abundance of cables.

So I following the earlier mentioned guide, I went on the disassemble it.


Be careful when removing the front cover as the cable is attached to the volume control wheel

Here you can see the 2 wires, the left side connects to the keyboard and the right side connects to the USB pass through (like a USB extender).

Disconnect the cables.

There is a screw that you need to remove to disconnect this ground wire.

The beauty of the naked PCB (rear side).

Going back to the cables, the aim is to connect the similar coloured wires.  There is a black wire on the left cable in place of where a yellow wire is for the right.  Just connect them.  1 extra black wire can be seen on the left cable, this was the ground wire you unscrewed earlier from the left connector.

The extra black ground wire is actually the sheathing insulating the whole cable.

Forgive my messy connections, I have gone back to tidy the connection but did not record the update.  These photos were taken when I was in desperate need to complete the project as I had no other keyboards.

I used heat shrink for the individual wires and wrapped the ground cable to act as sheathing as it was before.  Yes, an eyesore and a mess, but you get the point.

 Ouch!  Hopefully I can reuse these cables.

The other difference from Roman’s mod was that I kept the rubber part so that there won’t be a hole, hopefully keeping dust out.

Best used with an angled connector for my case.

A shortened cable too as my USB ports were nearby.

Short and neat!


Do share your mods and ideas on how to do it differently!

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