Types of websites

Let’s go through the types of websites to know what suits your needs best.

  • News site – Update reader with latest news (local news, tech news, sports news, etc).
  • Online Shop – With shopping cart, credit card acceptance, etc.
  • Service / Class provider – Does not require direct online payment as correspondence and confirmation is required first.  For services such as wedding catering, booking of classes, etc.  Interested customers can view your Calendar for your booking availability.
  • Photo / video / art portfolio – Display your latest gigs and projects.
  • Just for personal blogging

Knowing your purpose for a website is important as for some cases I would advise you to go straight to getting a professional hosting service for better long term stability.  As I am usually helping friends set up small sites with only contact pages for their professional portfolio, your potentially large company might not fit in my personal server and it’s best to go big from the start.

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